Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dead Island problems :(

So i got Dead Island today in the mail, and it's a great game and all.... Except for one glitch. I try to join a game lobby and no matter what it is, it kicks me out. Sometimes they work, but after I get in and out of maybe 2-3 games, all the games have 0 bars. If a game has 0 bars, it means I join them. Sometimes, games really piss me off Q_Q


  1. Have similar issues, takes forever to join a game successfully. That's part of the reason I started just playing single player. That and all the 12 year olds.

  2. its not a bug, its a feature!
    Nah, such glitches suck :/
    Lets hope the puplisher will fix it

  3. hope it will work out 4 u

    not playing online sucks :-/

  4. Not had that problem myself, try a private online game? Worst I get in the damn Techland logo lagging out.